Community Development and Consulting

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are here to support. Each of our staff have their own approach in providing group and community presentations. Please email info@centrosanar.org for more information.

Mental Health Leadership Group

Group's focus is to facilitate the Collaborative for Community Wellness' (CCW) mental health leadership curriculum with several community leaders interested in knowing more about mental health and how to support community members who want to be connected to services.
  • Group is meant to support community leaders such as parent mentors, community organizers, safe passage workers, religious leaders, etc.
  • The Mental Health Leadership group can be completed in 8 weekly sessions or in shorter more intensive settings.
  • Groups are held once a year or upon request.

Family Therapy

Our therapists provide bilingual and interactive presentations in a multitude of community-based settings and locations.
  • Topics we can present are Grief and Loss, Depression, Stress, Impact of Trauma, Couples Communication, Emotional Well-being, Family Communication, The Nervous System and Self-Regulation, and Perinatal Mental Health.
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