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Our Vision

Through our mental health, case management, community organizing activities, research initiatives, and consultation services, we aim to promote the holistic well-being of individuals and families who have been impacted by systemic oppression.

Mission Statement

Centro Sanar’s mission is to accompany community members by providing accessible mental health services.

What We Realized

Our collective 45 year experiencing came from being a part of and witnessing the innate power in creating spaces of healing.

We recognized the need for an alternative model of service delivery.

We realized we couldn’t be emancipatory in a space built on oppressive hierarchy and ego.

Guiding Principles

Embracing people unconditionally and without judgment.
Personal transformation is integrally connected with structural transformation.
We support those who are on the front lines of community organizing and advocacy efforts.
Commitment to collective healing.
Enacting our collective vision for structural transformation.
Restorative justice as a conflict resolution tool both within the organization and in the community.
Wellness as a human right.

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Informative Theories



Cultural Humility

Trauma informed

Structural and Social Framework

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